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Me (saver83) and the other Me (Jam) are a team in making cars and tracks for the famous game Re-Volt! This is our homepage with all of our cars and tracks and some more links now, since we added Manmountains list that he put together on RD.

Our CARS (over 230 now)
The cars section is divided into pages with 8 cars per page. You can reach these car pages by clicking on the links in the left frame. Due to the large ammount of cars, you may have to scroll rather long to find what you wanna find.
Cars in red italics are cars which were included in the last site update.

The tracks section is divided into pages for the different track genres (Lego, Lego Extreme and Extreme). You can reach the main track page by clicking on the proper link in the left frame. Or you may just click here to get there.

TMMCC The MorphMe RV Carfix Copter (TMMCC)

1207 Patch Required (get it here)

Something like a breakthrough program for Re-Volt was written by Antimorph. It's called The MorphMe RV Carfix Copter (TMMCC). This program fixes the problem with the car limit. Using this program, you can have as many cars as you want, in fact 32766. He said he wanted us mentioned as Co-authors, that's why we have a tool on our site. Thanks a lot, Antimorph. Get it by clicking on that picture.